Her perception of the world was my reality – my TEDtalk

The first love in our lives is our mother. Recognizing her face, her voice, the meaning of her moods, and her facial expressions is crucial to survival. My mother had a Borderline Personality Disorder. She could, in a moment, change a calm afternoon to an out-of-control ride through an emotional tornado.

I had as a child and teenager the need to be able to be be seen, to be heard, to be connected, to be unique in a way my mother could not provide.

But her behavior made me flexibel, strong, sensitive but most of all she showed me that you have to look through the eyes of the other person. As I had to look through her eyes, because her perception was my reality.

She is one of the reasons why I became a listening professional in healthcare .

I’ve experienced through life that listening enriches the life of another human being. And those human beings enriched my life too…..

Please if you wake up tomorrow, choose to listen to someone….without assumptions and judgements. Just take a moment to really be there for the people in your life and connect.


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