Every human being has an impact on another. Why don’t we want that in a patient/doctor relationship?

10460278_10152385111976130_8871528702220138982_nRobin Williams was such an inspiration. He showed us courage in the face of adversity, making us laugh while his own soul was broken. Robin Williams give a 5-star performance in the movie ‘Patch Adams’.

This is a part of Patch Adams script.

You ask me if I’ve been practicing medicine.

 Well, if this means opening your door to those in need–

 those in pain–

 caring for them, listening to them, applying a cold cloth until a fever breaks–

 if this is practicing medicine, if this is treating a patient…

 then I am guilty as charged, sir.

 Did you consider the ramifications of your actions?              

 What if one of your patients had died?

 What’s wrong with death, sir?

 What are we so mortally afraid of?

 Why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity and decency…

 and, God forbid, maybe even humor?

 Death is not the enemy, gentlemen.

 if we’re gonna fight a disease, let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all…..indifference!

 Now, I’ve sat in your schools and heard people lecture on transference…

 and professional distance.

 Transference is inevitable, sir.

 Every human being has an impact on another.

 Why don’t we want that in a patient/doctor relationship?

 That’s why I’ve listened to your teachings, and I believe they’re wrong.

 A doctor’s mission should be not just to prevent death…

 but also to improve the quality of life.

 That’s why you treat a disease, you win, you lose.

 You treat a person, I guarantee you, you win, no matter what the outcome.

 Now here today, this room is full of medical students.

 Don’t let them anesthetize you. Don’t let them numb you out to the miracle of life.

 Always live in awe of the glorious mechanism of the human body.

 Let that be the focus of your studies and not a quest for grades…

 which’ll give you no idea what kind of doctor you will become.

 Please try and address the board.

 Don’t wait till you’re on the ward to get your humanity back.

 Start your interviewing skills. Start talking to strangers.

 Talk to your friends, Talk to wrong numbers, everyone.

 And cultivate friendships…

 with those amazing people in the back of the room– nurses that could teach you.

 They’ve been with people every day. They wade through blood and shit.

 They have a wealth of knowledge, and so do the professors you respect–

 the ones who are not dead from the heart up.

 Share their compassion. Let that be contagious.

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