The importance of human connection

I’m reading ” Leaders eat last” of Simon Sinek. I love this book as I loved ‘Start with why’. Simon explains step Twelve in Alcoholics Anonymous. ‘There is a reason why AA meetings happen in church basements and recreational centers and not in online chat rooms. And there is a reason why when alcoholic wants to reach out to their sponsor, the other alcoholic committed to helping them, they don’t send an email, they pick up the phone and call. It’s because the connections required to beat addiction must be real. They cannot be virtual. ‘ 

In my paper about narrative medicine I wrote this part to finish with:
When we are “listened to” we experience a range of positive outcomes from feeling better about ourselves to improved immunological function and better psychological wellbeing (Bodie, 2012). When we feel misunderstood or otherwise ignored, however, our health and relationships suffer.

Anxiety can make people poor speakers. Stress and time pressure can make people poor listeners.
Our high-tech scans and fast-paced care save lives, but we need to make time for the human issues that pull at every persons heart.

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